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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Singing Technique: Improving Your Vocal Singing Range


Use these singing techniques to improve your vocal singing range. A step-by-step guide to improving the lower and upper registers of your vocal singing range.
Although there is a limit to how much you can improve your voice, most people are unaware that it can be improved at all in the first place. Rarely are untrained singers using their full capabilities in range. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you improve your range:

1) Warm up your voice each time you sing. Even if you don't know any "official" warm up songs, stretch your vocal cords by singing "ah", "mah", "doh", or "mee may mah mow moo" both up and down the scale.

2) Practice at least every other day. Like any muscle, the voice shrinks when it is unstretched.

3) Find a song that hits the very top of your current vocal range. Sing that song two to three times each time you practice. Relax your voice, use plenty of air support, and just concentrate on making that top note easier to reach. When you find that the top note is no longer a stretch, get a new song to practice with.

4) Find a song that hits the very bottom of your current vocal range. Again, sing that song two to three times each time you practice. Relax when hitting the lowest note; if you have difficulty, try using a "mah" or "ah" sound. When you find the low note is no longer a stretch, get a new song to practice with.

Some last tips:
- Try not to have dairy products just before singing. They coat your voice and make your cords tighter. Warm tea, on the other hand, can loosen tight cords.
- Drink plenty of liquids while singing.
- Never EVER push a note. This is a good way to limit your range forever.
- There will come a point when you reach your ultimate range. No miracle salves, teas, or massages will change this.
- Enjoy singing. If you're singing from enjoyment, your voice will be far more clear than if you're singing because you "have to practice".

With a lot of practice and determination, you, too, can improve your range both upwards and downwards.


Learn How Sing said...

I actually use that "practice song" method quite a bit! My song that I sing to is "Buried a Lie" by The Used. If I can hit all the pitches in that one, then it's going to be a good performance. haha

Frora Bosh said...

I always want's to become a singer but I don't know how can I improve my voice quality.Thanks for giving the tips..I'll definitely going to try these...

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