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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Vocal Health

Sooner or later we all succumb to an illness that affects our ability to perform. So where do you go to find information and solutions on anything from the common cold through to serious vocal problems?

Colds, Flu, Hoarseness and Voice Loss

There have been several questions about what to do when contracting viral infections and the subsequent hoarseness and voice loss so I thought it would be helpful to include a section here for anyone suffering!! I am Not a Doctor or Medical Practitioner and advise professional attention should always be sought, however as a regular sufferer of Flu, Laryngitis, Pneumonia, and Bronchial complaints I can provide a few tips!! Regardless of the infection contracted or even if you experience hoarseness and loss of voice through strain/stress the following should aid in prevention and/or recovery.

Drink plenty of Water.

Avoid Tea, Coffee, Cream & Alcohol before singing as these can have a dehydrating effect.

Take Vitamin C tablets or eat fruits/vegetables rich in Vitamin C to aid your bodies natural defenses. Hot Lemon & Honey or Blackcurrant both contain vitamin C and anti-viral properties and fresh ginger has natural anti-inflammatory properties - grate a little ginger and add it to hot water, sweeten with honey if required.


Severe, violent coughing can injure the vocal folds. Cough Syrup and Lozenges can help, Vocalzone are good and reliable sources have informed me that Slippery Elm lozenges and other products are used by some singers to soothe the throat in the US. Triogesic Tablets relieves conjestion, prevents coughing and is available from most Chemists although it should not be taken with any other paracetamol products or decongestants and should be avoided by pregnant or nursing mothers and Dextromethorphan based products also help to suppress coughing although some people may experience dizziness.

Hot Water Steam Inhalation, with or without a few drops of Eucalyptus, Peppermint or other Essential Oil helps to clear the sinuses. Many proprietry brands like Karvol, Olbas Oil and Vicks Vaporub use aromatherapy oils as their main ingredient but you should be careful using these products as menthol can have a drying effect.... use sparingly.

Do NOT attempt to Sing and avoid Talking until all medication is finished to allow the inflammation an opportunity to reduce.

On recovery start with some gentle humming for 5-10 minutes at a time and slowly build up to a few vocal exercises in your mid-range gradually expanding the range over several days. The rate of recovery will depend on the severity of illness and how experienced a singer you are. Any recurrance of hoarseness stop and rest the voice for another couple of days.

I realise that this is easier said than done, especially when an important gig is due!! However, weighing the importance of the booking against the potential damage to your vocal health is a must..........

Recommended for all singers to lubricate the vocal chords are Vocalzone throat pastille. Recommended for relief of irritations due to excessive speaking, singing (professional, amateur or karaoke) or smoking and aid in soothing dry irritated throats. The website allows direct ordering by credit card.

The National Center for Voice and Speech has an excellent site providing information on Frequently Prescribed Medications and Effects on Voice and Speech with more than 200 of the most frequently prescribed medications in the U.S. listed in alphabetical order with additional information about each medication and any known effect on voice or speech.



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