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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vibrato for Beginners ( part 2 )

Step 3: Controlling Vibrato

It is essential to view vibrato in the context of rhythms. Play the following exercises on your instrument first using a legato articulation. Once youíre comfortable with the rhythms remove the legato articulation and sustain a single long note while pulsating vibrato in the rhythms given.

STEP 4: Which rhythmic feel do I use for vibrato?

There are some general guidelines to choosing the type of  vibrato used in compositions.
• Jazz and Swing- tend to use a triplet or eighth note vibrato. Vibrato tends to sound slightly    ìlooserî  with less even pitch pulsations.
• Classical- Tend to use an eighth note or a sixteenth  note vibrato. In these styles the vibrato    tends to be more regulated with more even pitch pulsations.
Using vibrato is one of the many ways that musicians express  emotion through their playing. The most important guideline to follow when using vibrato is to make sure that it sounds good! Feel free to take liberties with rhythmic feel and the velocity of vibrato if it reflects how you feel and sounds good.

Step 5: When Do I Play Vibrato?

When youíre first learning to use vibrato and make it habit, I suggest using it virtually all of the time. Here are the guidelines I give my students.
Use Vibrato when...
• The note is held 2 beats or longer
• The note occurs at the end of a phrase, is not short,
   and is followed by a rest.
• Any other place where you feel it might be appropriate

STEP 6: How do I make Vibrato a Habit?

The greatest challenge that a student musicians faces when learning vibrato is remembering to use it. Often, student musicians are overwhelmingly focused on playing the correct notes and rhythms. The simple way to ensure that vibrato becomes a habit is to WRITE IT IN EVERYWHERE IT WILL BE PLAYED!

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