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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vocal Health 3

Hearing Sensitivity

How sensitive is your hearing? Believe it or not many singers find that certain sounds/noises are extremely irritating and sometimes painful to listen to. Personally I find anyone singing off key makes me feel physically sick, some singers find certain frequencies and decibels irritating like high pitched laughter, screams and loud noises, some to such an extent that the ears experience a 'ringing' sound, ear popping or stuffiness for some time afterwards or more severly cause bleeding of the ears.

If you have auditory problems or sensitive hearing you can take a few precautions to avoid irritation.

- Wherever possible - avoid the noise that irritates!

- Use Earplugs to lessen the sound

- When rehearsing use a large room with an open window to allow the sound to dissapate

- If you have to use a small room try and deaden the walls so that the sound does not 'bounce' (egg boxes, carpet tiles or foam are suitable).

- Avoid aspirin--it causes tinnitus.

- Avoid practising your singing after Swimming and make sure you dry your ears thoroughly

- Don't sing with a viral infection unless absolutely necessary

- Avoid drinking Alcohol

If this is an ongoing problem and you are encountering regular occurances of tinnitus, stuffines, ear popping, intense pressure, or bleeding from the ears make an appointment to see your Ear Nose & Throat Doctor as soon as possible. You may need a TYMPANOGRAM which is a test to see how the ear responds to pressure.


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